Back on Air

After one year absence from doing radio, djing and basically any other form of musical activity - due to housebuilding - I am finally ready to continue my beloved radio show Foundation Sound on Radio Proton where I left off. I’m more than lucky that I even got the same time slot - Friday night 9pm till midnight every 4th week - thanks to the support of Monika who is coordinating the programme at the local radio station.

The first show will take place on January 4, 2019 9pm CET.

In terms of content, not much will change to the format prior to my break: Dubstep and Sound System Culture are still the main focus. However, everthing between Roots Music, Dub and Jungle - music that is built upon the foundation of bass - goes hand in hand. The main goal for 2019 is to improve the show on various levels: musical selection, interviews, guest mixes, audio documentaries, and so on. As a first step I decided to put up this blog to document all shows - which I tried to do in the past already, but did not continue consequently.

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